A goal of the NASA Sea Level Change Team (N-SLCT) is to provide “useful” sea-level information. It is important to first define what “useful” means, and then work to tailor tools, products and output to meet the needs of end-users. To undertake this effort, the N-SLCT is working with a “Practitioner Consultation Board” made up of members from boundary organizations around the U.S. This board consults with the N-SLCT to discuss best practices for scientists to produce guidance and for boundary organizations to take this guidance and turn into actionable information.

The objectives of this board are as follows:

  1. Assist the N-SLCT in identifying and connecting with practitioners.

  2. Ensure the applications of the N-SLCT are informed by the needs of practitioners.

  3. Work with the N-SLCT to explore and determine the utility of NASA observations and products for sea-level decision-making and planning efforts.

  4. Identify application opportunities associated with specific data and products through review of N-SLCT output and participation in N-SLCT activities.

  5. Work with the N-SLCT to translate sea-level science into an accessible form for use by practitioners.

Current Members of the Practitioner Consultation Board

Name Position and Affiliation
Lisa Auermuller Administrative Director CoPe Megalopolitan Coastal Transformation Hub (MACH), Rutgers, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
David Behar Climate Program Director, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Donald Boesch President Emeritus, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Jamie Carter Physical Scientist, NOAA
Renee Collini Director, Gulf Center for Equitable Climate Resilience, The Water Institute
Laura Engeman Coastal Resilience Specialist, Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation / California Sea Grant, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
Mason Fried Managing Consultant and Climate Scientist, ICF
Jill Gambill Coastal Resilience Specialist and Public Service Faculty, GA Sea Grant
Krupali Krusche Director DVARCA (Development and Advancement of Resilient Cities Alliance) Lab Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame
Erika Lentz Research Geologist, USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
Ian Miller Coastal Hazard Specialist, Washington Sea Grant
Jayantha Obeysekera Director, Sea Level Solutions Center, Florida International University
Jeff Peterson Coastal Flood Resilience Project
Heidi Stiller Regional Director, Office of Coastal Management, NOAA
Jessamin Straub Research Oceanographer, US Army Corps of Engineers; Managing Director- US Coastal Research Program
Abby Sullivan Senior Advisor for Climate Science and Risk Communication, Philadelphia Office of Sustainability