Contributions to Coastal Sea Level Extremes: Understanding the Past and Projecting the Future

Dr. Felix W. Landerer is a Research Scientist in JPL's Sea Level And Ice Group. He studies the Earth's hydrosphere (e.g., water cycle, sea level, ocean transports etc.) and its changes using tools like time-variable gravity (GRACE, GRACE Follow-On & geodetic satellites), satellite altimetry, in-situ measurements (tide gauges, GPS sensors). On Earth, the processes that couple water and energy are fundamental to todays most pressing climate science challenges. Tracking Earth's water movement and surface mass changes across the planet, monitoring changes in ice sheets and glaciers, near-surface and underground water storage, the amount of water in large lakes and rivers, as well as changes in sea level and ocean currents provides an integrated global view of how Earth's water cycle and energy balance are evolving, with important applications for everyday life.

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