Characterizing And Constraining Sea Level Projection Uncertainties By Integrating Observations & Models In An Open, Flexible, Robust Probabilistic Framework; RISE: Development of Products and Pathways to Improve Transfer of Sea Level Science into Applications

Robert Kopp is a climate scientist who serves at Rutgers University as Director of the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences and as a professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences. He also co-directs Rutgers’ transdisciplinary Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience (C2R2) initiative, which brings graduate students in the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and urban planning together with coastal stakeholders to tackle the challenges that climate change poses to the world’s coastlines. He is a director of the Climate Impact Lab, a multi-institutional collaboration of more than two dozen economists, data scientists, climate scientists, and policy experts, working to bring Big Data approaches to the assessment of the economic risks of climate change. Professor Kopp’s research focuses on understanding uncertainty in past and future climate change, with major emphases on sea-level change, the interactions between physical climate change and the economy, and the use of climate risk information to information decision-making.

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