Data source: Monthly measurements. Credit: JPL
Rate of Change
(± 39) Gt/yr
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Data from NASA's GRACE and GRACE Follow-On satellites show that Antarctica has been losing mass since 2002. The GRACE mission concluded science operations in June 2017. GRACE Follow-On began data collection in June 2018, and is now continuing the mass change data record for Antarctica.

This dataset contains the Antarctic mass time series generated from the GRACE and GRACE Follow-On JPL RL06Mv2 data, which includes the latest data processing improvements. The 1-dimensional time series of ice mass averaged over the Antarctic continent from GRACE and GRACE Follow-On is expressed in equivalent ice mass (Gt). 1 mm of sea level equivalent equals approximately 360 Gt of ice. The time series starts in April 2002, and is continually updated as more data are collected, with a lag of up to 2 months.

An animation of the spatial variations can be found here. These data are available in ASCII format (Reference: Watkins et al., 2015, doi: 10.1002/2014JB011547).

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